Impact of CT2030

CT2030 will result in nothing short of a transformation of the economy and quality of life in Connecticut. When residents are able to travel to and from at drastically quicker rates, families can thrive, employees are more productive, and businesses are able to grow and provide more opportunities.

CT2030’s $21 Billion investment will result in 26,000 jobs per year over the Plan’s 10 years.

Jobs will come from the projects themselves and as a result of the economic growth that will happen when we provide businesses and families with faster and safer transportation across the state.

Source: Council of Economic Advisors

CT2030’s $21 billion investment will result in approximately $40 billion of economic activity for Connecticut.

Spending on transportation is one of the most effective investments a state can make, as every dollar spent on improving transportation results in one-and-a-half to three times return in economic growth.

Any smart investor will tell you, invest your money where you can expect the greatest return on your dollars. Our transportation investments are the best and most cost-effective way to grow our economy and increase prosperity.

Investment Gdp
Source: National Bureau of Economic Research