Welcome to CT2030

CT2030 is the innovative, future state of Connecticut as a national leader in connectivity, commerce, and quality of life. CT2030 is the ten-year, responsibly-funded and financed vision of how Connecticut families, employees, and companies will thrive as the state’s transportation infrastructure sees unprecedented upgrades and economic growth. CT2030 is the future that Connecticut residents deserve.


Message from Governor Ned Lamont

Thank you for taking the time to see an updated look at how I want to improve your quality of life and the state of Connecticut through transportation enhancements over the next decade. For generations, the state has neglected critical investments in our infrastructure, hampering economic growth and leaving residents in endless hours of traffic wondering why state officials didn’t fix these problems years ago—until now.

CT2030 is what Connecticut families and employers deserve—just ask them. Top executives from some of our state’s largest employers have said the best investments the state can make to move our economy in the right direction are those that invest in our transportation system.

As a small business owner, I always believed that collaboration would lead to unique solutions to complex problems. For months, my administration has listened to many throughout our state and through collectively working with the legislature, we have crafted a plan that delivers on that vision. Our plan makes an overdue $19.4 billion dollar investment in our roads, rail, and bridges by collecting a user fee only on trucks that do the most damage to our roadways while maximizing federal transportation dollars.

No company should be less productive as a result of traffic jams or slow trains and buses. No parent should be late to pick their child up from school because of a traffic signal in the middle of a busy highway, or a preventable delay at a bridge or exit. That is why for the future of our state, we are no longer kicking the can down the road on these improvements—and in January, we plan to finally move our state forward.

Take a look at some of these proposed projects that could see investment in the coming years aimed making your daily commute shorter. I want to give Connecticut families, employers, and workers their time back and I believe CT2030 is a responsible way to provide a better future for all of us.

Through partnership with lawmakers, we will not only strengthen our economy but shorten daily commutes and protect the financial future of the state.

Thank you,

Governor Ned Lamont

Connecticut’s highways are the vital arteries that connect the state’s cities and towns, major employers, and destinations out of state. CT2030 addresses those needs in a calculated and forward-thinking way. Improvements will lead to increased productivity and savings for Connecticut employers, large and small. Workers can spend more time accomplishing goals and tasks, rather than being stuck in a transportation-related delay. Families will have more time to spend with each other and it won’t involve being stranded between exits in congestion. Learn More.

In CT2030, rail service is faster with new equipment like cars and locomotives, improved infrastructure, and better schedules to move commuters to their locations in the most efficient ways possible. New dual-power locomotives will travel over rail bridges that will be repaired or replaced with safer crossings which will lead to more reliable and faster connections. New, eco-friendly buses and modern rail cars connected with 5G service, will quickly and safely move passengers to their destinations, making it easier to get to work and to get home. New and expanded service in busy, priority regions, will improve job performance and productivity in CT2030. Learn More.

In CT2030, Connecticut has not only expanded its reach within the state’s borders through better highways, mass transit and ports. One of the most crucial elements of this vision is the expansion of air travel to and from Connecticut. The investment and expansion of a regional commercial airport in South-Central Connecticut will increase competition for routes with existing New York City area airports, and provide residents and companies even more options to travel in and out of the state. In CT2030, this airport will feature up to 30 regional flights per day. Learn More.

In CT2030, the potential of Connecticut’s ports is realized through a combination of targeted economic development and forward thinking investment into the expansion of those facilities. Connecticut has unique control over some critical ports in New London, Bridgeport, and New Haven. Stamford’s port is not state-controlled, but is an important part of the maritime economy. In some cases, dredging is needed to expand access to larger ships. In others, the state is embracing a new industry, which will support jobs and economic growth in the immediate area, and throughout Connecticut. Learn More.


I-395, Reconstruct Bridge over Moosup River Learn More.


Improvements from Mystic to the RI State Line Learn More.

New London

Gold Star Bridge Reconstruction Learn More.


CT 85, Improvements South of Route 82 Learn More.

East Lyme

Interchange 74 Improvements & Bridge Replacement Learn More.


CT 82 & CT 154, Replace Intersections with Roundabouts Learn More.


Rt 9 Improvements Learn More.


CT 83 & Oakland St, Install Roundabouts Learn More.

Windsor Locks

Dexter Coffin Bridge Improvements Learn More.


Improvements to the CT 10 & US 202 Intersection Learn More.


Charter Oak Bridge Rebuild Learn More.

West Hartford

I-84 Exit and Traffic Flow Improvements Learn More.


Rt 2, 3, & 17 Improvements Learn More.


Connect to Route 4 Learn More.


CT 175, Computerized Traffic Signals Learn More.
Route 9 & 175, Improvements Learn More.


US 5 & CT 15, Update Traffic Signals Learn More.


I-91, I-691, Route 15 Interchange Learn More.

North Haven

Rt 15, Rebuild Exit 62 Northbound Learn More.


Reinforce the Mixmaster Learn More.


US 202, Improve Intersection Learn More.


Exit 14 Improvements Learn More.


Reconstruct I-84 Rochambeau Bridge Learn More.


CT 34, Rehab of Bridge and Dam near Housatonic River Learn More.


CT 67, Local Improvements Learn More.


Rt 15, Exit 61 Improvements Learn More.

New Haven

Congestion Mitigation Learn More.
Rt 15, Interchange 59 Improvements Learn More.


Improvements to Route 1 Learn More.

West Haven

Strengthen & Widen Bridge Over Metro-North Learn More.


Rebuild Exit 38 Connector Learn More.
Rebuild Exits 39A & 40 Learn More.


Rebuild Interchange 33 Learn More.


I-95 Northbound Exits 19-27A Learn More.
Improve the Exit toward Route 8 Learn More.
CT 127, Improve left turns Learn More.
Lafayette Circle Improvements Learn More.
Seaview Avenue Improvements Learn More.


Intersection improvements along Route 1 Learn More.


Rt 7, Safety and Congestion improvements Learn More.
East Avenue Improvements Learn More.


Rehabilitate Bridge over Metro-North Learn More.


I-684, Bridge over Byram River Learn More.


CT 10, Remove Bridge & Rebuild Intersection Learn More.


Route 8 Bridges South of Mixmaster Learn More.

West Haven

Reconstruct Exit 43 Learn More.


Safety and Bridge Improvements on I-95 Learn More.


Improve Connections Between Route 15 & 7 Learn More.


New Hartford Line Station Learn More.

Windsor Locks

New Hartford Line Station Learn More.


Hartford Line Track Expansion Learn More.

Shore Line East

Digital Fare Collection & New Kiosks Learn More.

Waterbury Line

New Rail Cars and Dual-Power Locomotives Learn More.

Danbury Line

New Rail Cars and Dual-Power Locomotives Learn More.

New Haven Line

Rail Bridge Repair and Replacement Program Learn More.
Track Speed Improvement Learn More.
Signal System Replacement Learn More.
Maintenance Facility & Rail Car Storage Learn More.


New Haven Line Fixed Bridge Program Learn More.
New Haven Line Walk Bridge Replacement Learn More.

Windsor Locks

Bradley International Airport Learn More.
BDL Transportation Center Learn More.
Transit Link to Hartford Line Learn More.

New Haven

Tweed New Haven Airport Learn More.


Sikorsky Memorial Airport Learn More.


Port of Bridgeport Learn More.

New Haven

Port of New Haven Learn More.

New London

Port of New London Learn More.


Port of StamfordLearn More.